Pulse FPV

Pulse FPV is a 720P HD camera drone with the ability to stream live video to its controller’s LCD screen, instantly letting you see what Pulse FPV sees – getting into the perfect position to take stills or video at the press of a button couldn’t be simpler! Additionally, data (speed, distance, altitude, battery level, etc.) is constantly sent from drone to screen to show you model status at a glance. A barometric sensor allows Pulse FPV to maintain a fixed altitude and global positioning (GPS) enables the drone to lock onto multiple orbiting satellites to fix its position in the sky, so increasing its stability in the air! Once GPS is activated, it unlocks the Return-To-Home feature which automatically brings Pulse FPV back to its original take off point when required or if radio signal is lost. Activate ‘Follow Me’ and you become the star of the show as Pulse FPV locks onto the user and maintains a fixed distance to enable pictures or video to be shot as you move with the transmitter, either away from or towards the drone. Pulse FPV’s super-bright LEDs make it easier to see the drone in low light and at distance, plus giving visual cues as to media selection (camera/video), onboard battery status, etc. ‘Headless’ technology assists beginners with steering control and 2 speed/skill settings are available for more seasoned pilots.

Product number: 23875

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  • 2.4GHz radio control system w/LCD screen
  • Onboard 720P HD camera streams live video to pilot
  • GPS global positioning
  • Return-To-Home function
  • Follow Me function
  • Controller – Requires 4x 1.5V AA batteries (Not included)
  • Pulse FPV – Requires 1x 7.4V 610mAh battery (Included)
  • Charging time: 150 mins (approx.)
  • Length: 190 mm / Width: 190 mm / Height: 50 mm / Rotor diameter: 140
  • Weight 120g
  • In- / Outdoor (In case of dryness)
  • Spare parts can be found via the website / online shop
  • Age recommendation, from the age of 14+

Subject to change without notice.