Revell Control Junior conquers the hearts of kids from the age of three!

They are colourful, they are fast and above all they are unbreakable: The four new RC cars of the brand Revell Control Junior make RC driving fun from now on as young as never before. Modern radio technology in combination with a light, intuitive control make children from the age of three safe at the wheel. The trick: An intelligent plug-in kit system prevents plastic parts from breaking if – intentionally or by accident – another crash occurs. After the collision, all parts can be quickly put back together again. An absolute hit, not only for summer use outside your own children’s room.

Remote-controlled toys for children from Revell

Remote-controlled cars and more for children

Looking for a remote-controlled car for children? You want your little children to be able to play with a remote-controlled car? Then you’ll find it in the Junior range of Revell Control products. Our remote-controlled cars and vans and crane trucks and more are so robustly built that even your children from the age of three can play with and handle them without anything breaking. We now offer our remote-controlled cars and more for the little ones and have created a range of popular vehicles: Our remote-controlled crash car has an ejection seat function with which the figure can be thrown out of the buggy. Our remote-controlled fire engine for children has an LED flashing light, which can display an extinguishing insert very for the children’s fun in real. Our remote-controlled crane truck has a fully functional crane and our remote-controlled transporter has a mini excavator on board. We have something for every child’s taste.

Remote controlled fire engine for children

If you choose a Revell Control Junior remote-controlled toy for children, you can choose from our four different models. All our remote controlled toys for children are battery powered. The models themselves and the remote controls are powered by batteries. You can of course use rechargeable batteries for Revell Control Junior toys. With our remote-controlled vehicles for children, your little ones can play for about an hour before the batteries need to be replaced or recharged, depending on their use. At 5 metres, the range of the remote control is also sufficient for larger rooms.

Remote Crane and more from Revell Control Junior

In our Revell Control Junior series we offer the models Crash Car, Cranes, Fire trucks and Transporters. All models have their own functions and can not only be remote-controlled, but are also equipped with flashing LED lights and other functions, for example. All our remote-controlled vehicles are equipped with efficient electric motors and made of robust plastic housings so that nothing can happen when playing indoors or outdoors. The remote-controlled fire engine has a turntable ladder that can be extended. The mini excavator on the crane truck can be removed so that the children can build their own construction site. Despite the right size, the remote-controlled toys are light for the gaming experience, so that the children can carry the remote-controlled vehicles well.

Have remote-controlled toys repaired by Revell Control Service

Is your Revell remote-controlled toy for children such as a remote-controlled fire engine or remote-controlled crane or excavator broken? Do you need help from our Revell Parts and Repair Service? Do you have a question about a remote-controlled toy for children from Revell Control? Not sure what might be defective on your RC model or toy? We are there for you with our Revell Service and Spare Parts Center. If you have any questions about Revell Control products, please call +49 (0)5223 965-196. Our customer service is available from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 16:00 and on Friday from 08:00 to 13:00. We also offer a range of Revell Control spare parts. Our Revell Repair Service can help you quickly if a toy does not operate properly remotely or if a remotely controlled device has a defect covered by warranty. Please tell our Revell Service Team what is wrong with your Revell RC toy so that we can quickly find a solution to your problem.