Revell Radio-Controlled Drones – RC Drone Action for All Ages!

Definitely the product of the moment, radio controlled drones come in a wide range of sizes from ‘nano’ models that literally fit in the palm of your hand up to much larger machines with HD camera systems, and everything in between! Budding pilots of 8 and above are offered a variety of features designed to make these models fun to use and easy to fly, whilst offering a multitude of functionality, making Revell Control the one-stop-shop for everything drone! And, all Revell Control drones feature rechargeable battery systems in the models themselves. Charging is either via the included controller or by USB-type charger systems.

First, you need to think about the kind of drone you want and where you intend to use it, indoors or out, or a combination of the two? All of our products feature bright LED lighting to help orientation in the air (and in low light) and to indicate model battery status. Differing speed/skill levels can be selected dependent on the pilot’s ability and can be adjusted as flying skills improve!

We offer drones that perform aerobatic stunts like flips in all directions at the press of a button. Some have automatic take-off and landing functions, which is useful for the novice drone pilot. Many feature a built-in sensor for altitude hold, which means that the drone will take this potential worry away from you and maintain a pre-set height from the ground itself! ‘Headless’ function is also included in many models now and helps beginners with steering control and model orientation, which can be a little tricky to master in the early stages.

The next jump is to camera drones, and there is plenty of choice here. We start with indoor pocket-sized mini drones with built-in HD cameras that can shoot video and stills and store the data to included micro SD cards for later download and sharing. Moving on to the mid-range, models become larger for use outdoors and cameras become more sophisticated with manually adjustable lens positions. Then we move into the top tier with drones that use friction-reducing brushless motor systems and GPS stabilisation to keep them automatically and smoothly positioned in the sky, letting you frame and shoot the perfect image or video! Some feature return-to-home, meaning that they can automatically return to their original take-off point – handy if you get a little disorientated or encounter radio interference. Follow-me makes you the star of the show. When activated, the drone positions its camera on the user at a set distance and will maintain this distance as you move away or towards it, taking pictures or shooting video as you go!

Finally, we move into the realms of live video feed and virtual-reality headsets. We have drones with built-in cameras that stream live video back to screens built into the transmitter/controller so that you see what your drone sees! Or, how would you like to stream live video to virtual-reality goggles using your smartphone as the screen – it’s like you’re sitting in the cockpit!

From this you can see that there are many options available to you with Revell Control so, please take some time to look through the different products we have on offer so that you can choose the drone that ticks all the boxes for you. Happy flying!