Revell Radio-Controlled Vehicles for all Ages

Revell offers a comprehensive range of surface vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Many have additional features including working lights and some incorporate rechargeable battery systems too.

Starting with Revell Control Junior, we have a range of entry-level vehicles for ages 3 and up with push together parts and accessories that can be played with. Figures are included and many feature working lights that can be turned on and off at the simple press of a button!

Moving into the 8+ range, we offer a series of miniature car-in-a-can racers for exciting table-top action and working lights for scale looks! Still in the 8+ bracket, you can choose from a selection of off-road buggies, on-road racers, quad bikes and trucks – there’s even a range of mountain-climbing crawlers that feature big, high-grip tyres and twistable chassis that are designed to climb extreme inclines with ease.

Moving on, the Xtreme range features a selection of larger buggies, trucks and SUV’s that are built to bash, feature water-resistant electronics, working lights and some even include an onboard video camera that streams live video to your smartphone, housed inside an included set of goggles for a virtual reality driving experience that puts you in the driver’s seat!

Last but by no means least, we have the tracked vehicles. From industrial-style diggers that can move earth and smaller rocks to battling RC tanks with infrared fighting systems, Revell Control has something for everyone to enjoy!